How Can Tapper Cuddy LLP Help You?

Tapper Cuddy has been helping those injured or disabled with their legal claims for more than 40 years. Our lawyers are experienced and dedicated to providing strong and honest legal advice and representation. We know it can be daunting to take legal action, but please take a moment to tell us about your situation. We can help.

Experienced Legal Counsel

Tapper Cuddy LLP has over 40 years of experience and has been a law firm of choice in Manitoba for litigation matters, especially for plaintiff claims.

Free Consultations

We can provide a one-hour free consultation for most cases, to answer your questions and let you know if there may be merit to your case. Please contact us for a free confidential consultation without obligation.

Contingency Fee Arrangements

For most cases where there is merit, we are open to a contingency fee arrangement where our legal fees are paid from a percentage of what is recovered. Pay no legal fees unless we recover on your case.

Complexity made clear in terms you’ll understand.

Long-Term Disability Insurance Claims

Long-Term Disability Insurance Claims

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Steps in a Civil Litigation Case

The decision to pursue a civil litigation lawsuit should only be done after careful consideration of the merits and risks involved and receiving legal advice on your options. Commencing the litigation process usually starts with the filing of a court document that names the parties to the lawsuit.

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