Personal Injury

If you’ve suffered personal injuries as a result of an incident you were not responsible for, you may have the right to seek compensation. 

If someone did something or failed to do something that caused you injuries, this may constitute a personal injury claim.  This area of the law is called negligence and requires that:

  • A person or company owed a duty to you to take reasonable steps to keep you safe;
  • It failed to do so because their conduct fell below the standard of care expected of them in the circumstances;
  • That failure caused your injuries; and
  • You have suffered some damages (physical, mental, or financial) as a result.

While personal injury litigation conjures up images of a classic “slip and fall”, this area of the law can become quite complicated and involve a number of nuanced considerations.   

Successfully proving a case will require an examination of the appropriate standard of care, reviewing and consideration of medical information and proving of financial losses.  All of these areas may require the consideration of independent expert evidence.

At Tapper Cuddy LLP we have assisted many clients in navigating personal injury claims.  We have assisted clients in resolving their personal injury cases through informal negotiation (with or without an insurance adjuster), more formal mediation processes (private and court-assisted) and, where necessary, in trial.

If you’ve been injured and believe someone else may be at fault, consider calling us for a free, confidential consultation without obligation.  We will review your claim and provide you with the options we see for you in pursuing compensation.