Surgical Errors

There are many types of surgeries that can result in surgical errors, including:

  • heart surgery
  • vascular surgery
  • abdominal and intestinal surgeries
  • caesarean sections
  • cancer surgeries
  • spinal and joint surgeries

Surgical errors can occur during pre-operative care, the procedure itself or post-operative care. This can include errors related to failing to identify risks associated with the surgery, poor technique, or failing to respond appropriately or in a timely way to events that arise during the course of the surgery. 

In some instances, the surgeon ought to have recognized their inexperience with a complex case and have referred the patient to a surgical center with greater experience and expertise.   In other cases, a delay in recognizing a surgical misadventure may occur, such as with infection or perforation of the bowel, which can result in the worsening condition of the patient and further surgeries to repair the problem.

In some instances, complications from surgery are a known and recognized risk of the procedure, in which cases a medical claim may be more difficult to pursue.

Surgical errors though can result in life altering and permanent injuries.

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