Slip and Fall Accidents

Personal injury cases are classically known as “slip and fall” accidents.  This occurs when you have fallen and injured yourself as a result of fault or carelessness of someone else.  Typically these involve some public space or even private property where the owner of the property has failed to care for it or keep it reasonably safe for visitors. Sometimes it results in a “slip” on the surface you are walking on or a “trip” as a result of an uneven surface or unusual object in the way.

Typical situations might involve a lack of clearing after snow and ice cover a common walking area, defective stairs or railings, water or other liquids on a common walking path, or improperly maintained or uneven walking surfaces.

In Manitoba, there is specific legislation that governs the standards of most slip and fall cases known as The Occupiers’ Liability Act.   Generally, it provides that an “occupier”, being a person or entity that is responsible for the upkeep and care of a premises, owes a duty to persons entering on the premises to take such care as, in all circumstances of the case, is reasonable to ensure that the person will be reasonably safe while on the premises.

Claims involving sidewalks or roadways cared for by a City or Municipality have very short periods of time in which to give notice to the City or Municipality of the injury from a slip and fall.  So in such instances it can be very important to contact a lawyer for advice as soon after it happens.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall and believe someone else may be at fault, consider calling us for a free, confidential consultation without obligation.